Tulsa Chiropractor Reviews When Chiropractic Was Invented

As Tulsa chiropractors we are often asked about the history of chiropractic. I hope this article is helpful.

‘Chiropractic’ is a word derived from Greek word chier (which means “hand”) and the word praktos (which means “done”), so basically translated it would be Done by Hand, which is what chiropractic care is all about. This name was picked by Daniel David Palmer, the developer of chiropractic care.

Daniel David Palmer was a scholar of scientific subjects and he discovered that although people used different types of manipulations for many years, not a single person had come up with a scientific or philosophical rationale that could explain their effects. Palmer made a major contribution to health by developing a codification of the philosophy, science, and art of chiropractic care, based on his in-depth studies of physiology and anatomy.

In September 1985, he performed an initial chiropractic adjustment to a janitor who was suffering from deafness 17 years prio. He examined the patient and felt something in his back that gave him a crude idea that this was a misplaced vertebra along the upper back. When the adjustment was done, the janitor got improved hearing ability.

With this first successful adjustment, Palmer proceeded to come up with more ways to advance chiropractic care, so in 1897, he founded the Palmer School of Cure, which is today referred to as the Palmer College of Chiropractic based in Davenport, Iowa. Some of the early students who were trained at the school include Bartlett Joshua, Palmer’s on. In 1913, the first state law was enacted to give chiropractic legal recognition.

Chiropractic care has advanced and today we have more than 70,000 chiropractic licenses issued in the U.S. The practice is legally recognized across all 50 states as a profession in healthcare, and many more countries including Canada, Australia, Mexico, Switzerland, Great Britain, and Japan recognize chiropractic care and regulate it like any other profession.

Tulsa Chiropractor Describes How Chiropractic Was Started

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