Auto Accident FAQ in Tulsa OK

The trauma of an auto accident can pale in comparison to the pain and suffering it can produce -- but our Tulsa auto injury chiropractor at Peace Chiropractic Clinic can help. Here are some answers to questions we frequently hear about car accident injury treatment.

Answers from Our Tulsa Auto Accident Chiropractor

  • I was barely moving. Why was I injured? Even an impact at 5 miles per hour can injure your musculoskeletal and nervous systems. The force is transferred through the vehicle to your body, often causing the vertebrae and vertebral discs in your spinal column to dislocate so that they press painfully against nerves. Extreme twisting of the body can also cause strained muscles and damaged connective tissues.
  • What symptoms can whiplash produce? The most well-known symptom is pain and stiffness in the neck. Whiplash can also cause tingling, numbness and pain in the upper extremities. You may even experience headaches, dizziness, jaw pain, cognitive impairment, tinnitus and depression.
  • Why do I have pain and tingling in my legs? A lower lumbar misalignment and/or herniated disc sustained in an auto accident can not only force you to seek back pain treatment, but it can also cause tingling, pain or numbness in your legs. This impingement of the sciatic nerve creates a syndrome known as sciatica.
  • Did my shoulder harness cause my auto accident injury? Generally, shoulder harnesses do far more good than harm in preventing potentially fatal injuries. But if one shoulder is restrained and the other shoulder flies forward, it's possible for the twisting motion to contribute to spinal subluxation, nerve impingement and soft tissue strain.
  • I don't feel any back pain or neck pain. Why do I still need an evaluation? Some injuries may "lurk" for weeks or months before suddenly producing symptoms. By the time you seek neck injury treatment or back injury treatment, you may have already developed internal scars called adhesions that make your condition that much more severe -- and more difficult to treat.
  • What role does chiropractic care play in car accident injury treatment? Careful, precise adjustments to the cervical spine can aid in whiplash treatment by relieving the nerve impingement behind your dizziness, neck pain, headaches and other symptoms. Spinal decompression can shift a herniated lumbar disc away from your sciatic nerve, making it an effective back injury treatment.
  • What other forms of car accident injury treatment do you provide? Our auto accident chiropractor may prescribe multiple non-invasive back pain or whiplash treatment techniques to support optimal recovery. These may include massage therapy to promote soft tissue healing, ultrasound and Active Release Techniques to break up adhesions, heat therapy/cryotherapy to relieve pain and swelling and physical therapy to help you rebuild your muscle strength, balance and flexibility.

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