Chiropractic Testimonials

Customer since 2011

Chiropractor Robert Peace is a caring chiropractor. He listens to your problems and treats what hurts you. He does not try to sell you things you do not need. His office staff is very friendly and professional. They make you feel comfortable and explain everything thoroughly. They are efficient and always able to get you an appointment when you need to be seen.

- Melanie S.

Customer since 2013

Chiropractor Robert Peace and his staff are wonderful! When I started going to him, I had excruciating pain in my neck. After several visits, I am pain free!

- Doris E.

Customer since 2016

Everyone is so kind and friendly! You all make it enjoyable to come there. Thanks.

- Nancy M.

Customer since 2016

Chiropractor Robert Peace and his associates are the best!

- Matt G.

Customer since 2016

I love Chiropractor Robert Peace, his staff, and the 8 weeks to wellness program. He is very pleasant and thorough. He made time to explain his findings, then recommended a plan based on the best options for me. Each visit the office staff is consistently very nice, and send an updated, informative email each week re 8 ww. Between Chiropractor Robert Peace and Ebony, I'm on an outstanding exercise/eating plan. I feel like I am exercising every part of my body, eating right, and I truly feel great! I was having headaches that have completely disappeared after the 2nd neck adjustment. Overall I would recommend Peace Chiropractic to anyone wanting to feel better.

- Nancy J.

Customer since 2016

I have had chronic back pain for over 40 years. It is just part of getting older with a few abusive actions on my part. I started my sessions with Chiropractor Robert Peace earlier this year and have been completely satisfied with him and his entire staff. I have a crazy schedule and am not always able to book a session at a specific time. He has been more than gracious in accommodating me and allows me to come in when I am down in my back. His staff is professional and so sweet to me when I arrive. They always have a smile on their faces and eager to help me get on my feet again in a timely manner. I won’t go to another Chiropractor. I have found a great professional and a friend. Greg Parrett Tulsa, Oklahoma.

- Gregory P.

Customer since 2016

Excellent office all around care is fast, efficient, friendly. You almost don't want to feel better just so you can keep coming in.

- Pamala B.

Customer since 2015

The clinic is well run, and the treatment is designed to get your pain relieved and to get you quickly back to your normal life.

- Mark H.

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